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What is Singleton Change?

Singleton Change is a cutting-edge application that combines micro-interventions and gamification to facilitate personal growth, cultural change, and value realization within your company.

This powerful tool empowers you to drive transformation through small, actionable steps, making it easy for your team members to implement change in their daily routines.

Singleton Change
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As a manager striving for organizational success, you understand the importance of developing your employees' personal growth and aligning your company's culture with its core values.
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Singleton Change is a groundbreaking app designed specifically for managers and HR leaders like you. In the blink of an eye, you can create an energizing work environment where your employees can reach their full potential.
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Give your HR initiatives a completely new dynamic and increase the motivation of your employees through targeted steps for personal development! 🚀
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Why Choose Singleton Change?

Individual Growth, Collective Impact:

Singleton Change focuses on the individual growth of your employees, knowing that when each team member thrives, the entire organization benefits. By dividing development goals into manageable micro-interventions, Singleton Change ensures long-term, sustainable growth for your team.


Embrace Cultural Change:

Culture plays a pivotal role in any organization's success.With Singleton Change, you can shape and reinforce a positive culture that aligns with your company's values.

By integrating micro-interventions into daily activities, your team will experience cultural change as an engaging and exciting process..

Drive Value Realization:

Implementing organizational values can be challenging, but Singleton Change makes it a breeze.

Through Gamification and rewarding experiences, your team will be motivated to embrace your company's values, contributing to a more purpose-driven and cohesive workforce.


Unique Features of Singleton Change


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Our app offers a vast library of specially curated, easy-to-implement micro-interventions. These small actions add up to significant changes, fostering personal and professional development. We can even hand-craft custom Interventions to fulfill special requirements.

Analytics + Insights

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Keep track of your team's progress and effectiveness with Singleton Change's Analytics Dashboard. Our Playmetrics offer detailed data on individual actions, helping you make informed decisions to support continuous growth.

Game Design Workshops

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Want to create a truly unique experience? We offer game design workshops where we turn your team into game designers! With only a few hours of time investment, we will create a completely new game specially tailored for and from your organization. Find out more about our workshops here.

Customizable Content

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Tailor Singleton Change to suit your organization's specific needs. With our Deckbuilder feature & consulting, HR users can create personalized games from a vast selection of micro-interventions. We will help you to reach your goals.


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Singleton Change transforms the change process into an enjoyable and engaging game-like experience. Progress unlocks new challenges and quests, keeping your team motivated and eager to grow.


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Encourage teamwork and cooperation among your employees with Singleton Change's Team Mode. Your teams can compete against each other and work together to complete missions, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

How Singleton Change Benefits Your Organization

Enhanced Employee Engagement:

By fostering a sense of achievement and reward, Singleton Change boosts employee engagement, resulting in a more motivated and committed workforce.

Positive Work Environment:

Promote a positive and supportive work environment, where personal growth and continuous improvement are celebrated.

Doing instead of E-Learning

Instead of E-Learning Videos and long articles, we bring actionable steps right where they belong - into the work day! Doing things is the most effective way of learning.

Improved Productivity:

As your team members actively pursue their personal and professional goals, they become more focused, productive, and efficient.

Reinforced Company Values:

Singleton Change helps embed your company's values into the daily actions and behaviors of your team, strengthening your organizational culture.

Measurable Impact:

With our comprehensive Analytics Dashboard, you can track the effectiveness of Singleton Change and witness tangible results in your organization.

Empower Your Team's Growth with Singleton Change

Are you ready to revolutionize your company's personal growth, cultural change, and value realization efforts? 
Unlock the potential of your team with Singleton Change, the app designed to empower your organization's transformation. Embrace a dynamic and fulfilling path to success – get started with Singleton Change today!
Reach out to our COO, Meik Ramey, for a complimentary consultation and discover how Singleton Change can propel you towards your business goals. 
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