Gamification-Workshops mit Singleton

In exciting game-design workshops, we create your personal game together - with content that is guaranteed to be tailored to the needs of your organization.

This way, you can be sure that Singleton is addressing the needs of your employees by letting them participate in the creation process.


How does a workshop work?

We offer our workshops completely location-independent digitally - so that many employees can participate easily, no matter where they are located.

Step by step, we will explore the power of gamification, explain Singleton and collaborate to develop the right content for your individual enterprise game.

Can I book Singleton only with a workshop?

In short: No! The workshops are optional and extend Singleton's services with personalized content and inclusion of your employees.

If you book Singleton without a workshop, we will create training content for your teams from our comprehensive archive of existing content. In doing so, we orient ourselves to your wishes and discuss the optimal composition together.

If you book one or more workshops, all participants, for example your managers, employees, etc., have the opportunity to actively participate in the content creation and to contribute their own wishes and suggestions. Here we develop the content together, which enables a higher degree of personalization.

4 facts about our workshops

What advantages does a workshop with Singleton offer me?

Involve employees

You decide who takes part in the workshops. Hierarchies and fields of work are not the focus here: anyone who should also benefit from the app in the end can take part. Regardless of whether they are managers or interns.

Highly personalized content

Through personal exchange, we can be more specific about your corporation and take into account, for example, internal guidelines, naming conventions and space - for a tailor-made game.

Participation in the creation process

In our workshops, you and your employees have the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of the game and directly shape the content - this has a positive effect on the motivation for the game stage of Singleton.

A unique and fun experience

Your employees slip into the role of "game designer" for a few hours on a one-off basis. Our workshops are designed to produce productive results, but also to allow everyone to laugh and contribute creative ideas in the process.

Singleton content with vs. without workshop

Personalized Interventions
"Reach out to Ingrid today for tips on submitting forms. We've heard that sometimes there are form errors ;)"
Corporate language
"Ask another FTer today for some advice on dealing with the F3 team - maybe you can benefit from his/her experience."
Including Spaces
"Go to the third floor today and search for the green cupboard from the photo. In the top shelf you will find a reward for your active participation and achievement of the 2nd level in the last days!"
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More general instructions
"Today, take it upon yourself to ask a co-worker for a productivity tip. Share a tip of your own in return."
Providing alternatives
"Invite a co-worker to lunch together in the cafeteria today. Alternatively, you can arrange to meet someone for coffee during your home office break."
Commonly applicable
"If you want to shine with your performance, don't forget to take breaks: Take a few minutes during your next break to go for a run and catch some fresh air."
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Workshops offer the possibility to personalize Singleton even more - our content from already existing card decks can be used as a basis for a Singleton game and can also be put together individually.

Theoretically, a singleton game can also be created from this content only. If you want personalized content, we recommend a mix of workshop content and a personal mix from the pre-selection, which can also be customized to your company (e.g. with individual names, locations or technical terms).

Here's how your workshop could look:

1. Exchange

Together, we discuss what goals you want to address with Singleton. You can get very specific and describe your company's situation in detail, while we work out the embedding in the Singleton framework.

2. Planning

Based on your wishes and goals, we create a workshop for your employees. We will invite them to the event by e-mail. Who is invited to participate can be determined individually.

3. Activity

We guide your employees through an interactive process in which they can contribute their ideas. Instead of looking down on the organization from above, we go directly into their everyday lives and develop action-oriented solutions.

4. Evaluation

We incorporate the results of the workshop into concrete game steps. In this way, we transform your goals into concrete, action-centered steps that arrive where they are needed: In the everyday life of your teams.

Workshop content examples:


Employees can vote in the workshop and express their opinions


A workshop provides input and information about Singleton so that everyone understands the game principle and is motivated to play.

Unbenanntes_Projekt 6

Creation of the game

After we have explained the logic of Singleton, employees get creative themselves and can develop initial ideas for game cards.


Through open communication and creative association exercises, we find out which problems exist in the everyday life of the employees and which strengths we can promote.

Sounds exciting?

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