We all want a more sustainable future - but where do you start if you want to implement this mentality in your own company? 

With our new product Singleton green we make your company more sustainable in a playful way! 

Singleton green was created in collaboration with our partner Count Us In. Through the initiative, we combine Singleton's approach with the goal of making companies more sustainable, step by step, from the inside out. Instead of paying for carbon offsets on the other side of the world, your employees implement the measures directly at their locations.

This is because sustainability interventions that are local and involve the community have been shown to have a high success rate.*



Employees value sustainability and environmental responsibility from their employers - 80% feel more loyal to their employer if the employer is committed to sustainability.*


Are you facing these challenges?

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Businesses need to act:

Legislators are forcing companies to operate more sustainably - through regulation & levies // Climate change unfortunately affects everyone, including Germany as a business location and its supply chains // Stakeholders, the public, customers and employees expect environmental social governance // A good ESG rating is becoming increasingly relevant

How do these solutions sound?

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Effective and measurable:

Our app sets achievable goals and motivates your employees - it is scalable to the entire company // Singleton Green is played in the workplace in just a few minutes every day, without any work stoppage // the results are measurable thanks to our anonymous tracking // you have a handle on the success of the measure and can communicate the results publicly thanks to our data analysis

Activate your entire organization in just a few steps, centrally managed in one app

Turn your employees into sustainability ambassadors!

Actively follow the current development and become a part of Count Us In Aggregators with us!

(Ikea, Tottenham Hotspurs and many more).