The Science Behind Singleton Change

At Singleton Change, we pride ourselves on offering a transformational app that is backed by years of research and cutting-edge scientific principles. Developed in collaboration with experts and behavioral psychologists from an interdisciplinary excellence cluster at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, our approach combines the latest insights from gamification, behavioral psychology, and Human-Focused Design.

The Power of Play

The cultural phenomenon of play is as universal as music, with humans engaging in play throughout history. According to the research of cultural historian Johan Huizinga, play is an integral part of human nature. However, in today's organizations, employees often lack autonomy, self-efficacy, clear goals, feedback on their actions, a sense of purpose, and opportunities for cooperation. Consequently, motivation dwindles, and employees' identification with the company becomes threatened.

Our integrated solution, combining workshops and Singleton Change, revitalizes these essential elements within an organization. By harnessing the "Superpower" of play, we successfully apply Singleton Change to transformative processes within companies.

The Role of Micro-Habits

A vital theoretical basis for Singleton Change is the concept of Micro-Habits, derived from behavioral psychology. This concept reveals that small, easily achievable habits can lead to significant long-term changes. By breaking down development goals into manageable tasks, Singleton Change empowers users to make gradual progress and effect lasting behavioral changes.

Engagement through Gamification

The gamified aspect of Singleton Change is inspired by theories of motivation and engagement in playful environments. By integrating game mechanics and reward systems, Singleton Change motivates users to actively participate in their development journey.

Best practices, brought together

Singleton Change also draws on proven practices from the fields of personal development and change management. By carefully integrating scientific insights and theories from various disciplines, our goal is to provide users with a robust and effective solution based on behavioral psychology, motivation theory, and established practices in personal development.

This is what our founders have to say

Thomas Lilge - Gründer & CEO

"Only the voluntary nature of personal development ensures sustainable behavior change."

Christian Stein - Gründer & CTO

"Singleton manages to create special moments in our hectic world - making the big goals a reality."

An Evidenced-Based Solution

In summary, Singleton Change is built upon a solid scientific foundation, offering an effective and evidenced-based solution for personal growth and transformation.

We continue to innovate and evolve, ensuring that our app remains at the forefront of utilizing the power of play and gamification to drive meaningful change in organizations.

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